Griffin Wind Farm

Griffin Wind Farm
Homemade/Converted E-Bike in front of the bottom of a wind turbine.

I really like getting my hands dirty and fixing things, the sense of building something and being able to keep it running.

The E-Bike kit was about £400 and was a great deal to add to my £50 bike. I have made other improvements, mostly in part thanks to Kevin providing some unused kit (the H-Bars, Alpkit Bags and a Saddle) along with Land Cruiser tires that allow me to have really good road performance when touring with some nice off road capability.

My route to Griffin Wind Farm followed the NCR 77 -

Just peeled off left at Dunkeld and went though the Hermitage, then cranked up the assist getting up the hill to the wind farm. Range anxiety did kick in on the way up, but on the way home, the assist was cranked back down to 'ECO' mode. Just over 66km completed on one charge with one bar out of five left when I got home, and that was including a mega uphill assist.

Going back down the hill. View south of a cottage and hills on a nice sunny day.

I don't own anything special or new and thats part of the charm of having a bike for me. That E-Bike also has replacment forks, as the Sun Tour shocks were shot so they were a welcome and needed replacement. I was able to find new jockey wheels and cheaply refurb the rear derailier. The best improvment was getting hydraulic disc brakes installed, the confidance with that stopping power on the E-Bike is needed.

I have some other bits of bike kit I want to show off so I think what I may do is a show case of the bikes I have and why.