Heel Lock Lacing

Heel Lock Lacing

I am a barefoot kinda guy.

If I am at home I will walk around barefoot and when running I have the very thinnest of sole shoes on. I love my Five Fingers, Trail Gloves or Vapor Gloves.

Once I have about 400-500kms on them, I usually get them recycled and go for the same replacement pair.

The last time I tried to get a traditional pair of running shoes, I got the ASICS Patriot 12's and after about 3km in to a run, I would get knee pain that was really annoying as it would disappear as quickly as my motivation to keep running. I would be able to switch to barefoot shoes instantly and my knees would be fine. The irony being I was worried I was being too harsh on my knees!

This January, I went to the Adidas site as I was told about a sale and grabbed a pair of  Run Falcon 2.0 TR Shoes. After a brief breaking them in period, they are really good. I have done a few 5ks in them and will look to do a longer distance in them. They have a nice balance of cushioning and response. I am getting used to them more and more. One small issue is it was weird having a heel that moved around in the shoe.

Then I found out about 'The Heel Lock' (short 1min straight to the point video).

My example of the Heel Lock with the Falcon 2s.

Game changer and fitting of my trainers is SO MUCH BETTER. Maybe give it a shot?